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             Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the historical and cultural history and culture-Xian, the ancient capital, capital of peace. Company focused on the development of pesticides, rodenticides, fertilizer, integrating scientific research, production and sales of integrated high-tech enterprises.
            Shaanxi farmers adhering to the people-oriented, science and technology of the enterprise idea, to loose, solidarity, peace and culture brings together China's pesticide industry a large number of highly qualified and professional personnel and the elite. Mainly engaged in chemical pesticide and pesticide intermediates, fine chemicals, rat poison, and the development and production of fertilizers, focusing on high efficiency, broad-spectrum, pollution-free, green environmental protection type pesticide research and development, is committed to the introduction of new products, new technologies and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and adhere to the combination, integration of industry and trade roads.
            Shaanxi agricultural innovation, pragmatic and professional, harmonious enterprise culture; love and good faith gather together, with hard work and talent and create the future.
            Shaanxi agriculture based in Xian, vision, technology brand, has established a perfect marketing network and service system in the country, will gradually implement management group, international market, capital socialization of the industrial ecological strategy, and best service to China's agricultural modernization.

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            CONTACT US

            Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. limited

            Address: Hai Jing, Feng Cheng road, economic and technological development zone international

            Phone: 029-65693055, 65693056, 65693059

            Fax: 029-65693055

            Contact person: customs Manager, Angela

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